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​sensitivity training

To say you are offended means absolutely nothing. If you take offense to something, it must mean that you don’t like what is being said or the idea it creates in your mind. And if we aren’t allowed to say or do anything whenever somebody doesn’t like something, then the people who promote this would have been shut up a long time ago, because I don’t like anything that comes out of their mouths. The point here is that monitoring whether or not someone is offended is impossible. When people say they are offended, they just want you to shut up because they don’t like or agree with what you are saying. If we follow this logic, then an argument could never take place. Further, if you make an argument that I can just as easily apply to my defense then you don’t have an argument. A justification is something that is unique to a specific logical point. If the justification can randomly be applied, then it doesn’t justify anything.

When a person becomes offended by words or lone statements he/she is creating the problem. The problem is originating in the offended person and his/her reaction to his/her interpretation that may or may not be correct. So the person who is offended is the one who is not capable of performing his/her job. Therefore, the offended person is the one who needs to be sent to seek help. It is crucial that employees feel comfortable to speak their mind in order to develop collaborative ideas. Productivity and ingenuity are severely hampered by a group of people who walk around uptight and scared to interact. The people who create this hushed environment are the people who are acting offended and demanding that something be done about it. And the fact is that as Americans we have been given the right to open discussions. There is nothing in our founding documents that protect people who don’t like what you have to say. Those people are allowed to walk away and end their involvement in the discussion, nothing more. 

Interestingly, most people don’t act this way and try not to create a problem. But the majority of good people are being hurt by the squeaky wheels that make the most noise who don’t have a right to more oil than the rest of us. Most sensible people don’t want to complain and don’t want to cause problems. However, this means they are remaining silent and not being represented. The result is that the majority of us are being forced into controlled environments similar to prisons; scared to speak without getting approval first. So the people who have no point, create all the problems, and think their happiness is most important are unjustly controlling the rest of us. Ironically, when offended people yell, and scream, and protest, and sue, and force people to listen to their ideas, they are the ones harassing people and trying to control people. And unfortunately, the courts have been supporting this façade for some time now.