Bring Back The American Philosophies of Freedom, Individualism, and Opportunity:

E. Pluribus Unum - Many Communities Governed by the People United as One

science is a religion too

To understand how Science relates to the founding of America, one must first understand how real Science works. The goal is never to prove that your well rationed idea is correct. The goal is to conduct an experiment that proves your idea wrong. If you cannot prove yourself wrong, then there is a good possibility that you have discovered something that is true. And yes, there are truths in this world regardless of whether certain people want to admit it. The most important part of Science is that your idea must be tested in the same manner by essentially every laboratory in the world. And even when the majority of people agree, your idea at best will only become a theory. The key to Science is that even when the majority feels a certain way, the idea can still be tested and doesn’t have to be accepted by anyone. The idea becomes a Law only when all people willingly accept it to be true. The key point here is that the law is never forced on anyone.

Even if apples have been proven to be better for you than oranges, it is up to each Scientist to determine what he/she wishes to eat. Especially since not all bodies are identical and not all oranges are the same. Science allows people to analyze quality information and make their own decisions. For example, if a west coast football team wants to try an offensive scheme from the east coast, they are welcome to do so. Based on the circumstances of that west coast community the results may support the scheme or they may produce contradictive results. It seems that if the new idea really is good, it will surely be adopted without ever having to make it a law. Regardless, it only seems reasonable to allow people to decide if they want to eat oranges or to decide how they want to live. You will find "choice" at the top of the list of priorities in our Constitution. You must never forget that at one time many people were forced to do things based on the scientifically accepted idea that the world is flat. 

You should always be suspicious when researchers declare they have collected data and statistics that support their idea. Remember, the goal is for them and the rest of us to try and disprove their idea. In today’s world, I only see people attempting to advertise the greatness of their idea and promote it. Secondly, with all of the human diversity that exists, the uncontrollable environmental conditions that we all experience, and the complexity of bureaucratic policies, I find it hard to believe that any one lab has made a direct connection between two variables associated with social policies. This point leads us back to the idea of a justification. Something can only be described as a cause if it is the only entity that directly leads to a specific effect. Our thoughts cannot be monitored and to suggest that they can would eliminate the idea of “free will”. So any discussions about someone not being responsible for their own actions or being offended could never possibly have true justification. The moment you look to pass the blame onto someone else you have opened the door for that person to pass the blame. It is absurd to allow an authority to arbitrarily exercise “moral superiority” to decide where the passing of blame can stop. 

Do not forget that the ideas of Jesus are just as pure as the ideas of Science, they are both a religion. They both were also crucial in developing the first peaceful, “free will”, communities of America. And for the same reason that Congress is limited in respecting an idea just because it is promoted by a certain religion, the power of Science dictating our laws needs to be limited. This reason is called corruption, misuse, and misinterpretation for personal gains.