Bring Back The American Philosophies of Freedom, Individualism, and Opportunity:

E. Pluribus Unum - Many Communities Governed by the People United as One

our mission and purpose:

Our purpose:

This website was created to bring open dialogue back to America, a Country founded on the principle “Freedom of Speech”. People have become scared to say what they feel anymore; they have become afraid to stand up for what they believe to be true. As a result, America is becoming a place that doesn’t feel very American. We are a group of people who think a conversation in which Americans of all ethnicities and gender can speak freely is long overdue. The fact that a term such as “Politically Correct” exists in America is evidence of how far we have regressed from the original philosophies, with individual liberty at the top, of this great Country. The root to the end of all marriages is lack of communication and we feel that the greatest problem in America is the lack of honest discussions to solve problems. If people can’t talk about things and convey ideas in their entirety, they will never be able to work together or get along. The intentions of this website are to create a place where discussions can happen free of repercussions. A bit of remorse flows through our bodies after making that statement knowing that our grandparents fought in a war to preserve the idea “land of the free”. We think it is crucial to the future of America for people to feel comfortable to express themselves without the fear of being fired because 1 million “facebookers” are outraged.

Solving a problem requires honesty and acceptance. If we all approach the problem as Americans who believe in the ideas of a philosophy that did establish us as the greatest nation on earth, we shouldn’t be offended by the truth. People who are offended insist that the conversation end because they cannot dispute the truth. People who become offended always end the discussion. And if you can't stay in a discussion to the end, then you don't deserve to be involved in deciding the solution. Ending a conversation does not change the way the idea will be perceived or the truth. I have yet to read anything in the Bill of Rights that protects people who are offended. Addressing the truth as Americans and truly expressing our inner beliefs without seeing ourselves as different parts of the system is the only way to achieve the American dream. I have never understood why job applications are not treated the same way as what we want to create on this website. One of our main goals is to create discussions that people can enter without having to identify themselves as anything other than American. If our website caused a white, southern redneck and black, northern thug to speak with the same purity as each does to his/her own gang buddy back home, we would feel that our initiative was a success.

If the first goal is achieved, we can only reason that the divide in our Country would become less devastating to the state of our Union. We believe there is more commonality than difference between the arguments that seem to be destroying the beauty of America and the opportunities our original philosophy provided. The key to governing ourselves and holding our politicians accountable is to get on the same page with each other. Our leaders are steering us in a direction against the grain of freedom and opportunity because it makes it easy for them to stay at the top. We are returning to ideas our grandfathers fought to escape. 

We are letting this happen because our leaders use words such as “Politically Correct” to keep us quiet and divided. The people who use these words have no desire to be American or protect your liberties; their only desire is to control you without resistance. We have no problem with immigrants who want to become American, but we have a serious problem with immigrants, or any naturally born citizens for that matter, who want to force us to become their nationality.

We see a situation in which only one side of the argument feels free to speak. Ironically, anyone who supports the ideas and traditions of America and his/her community are being targeted. And the only reason why these small groups of people who want to dictate liberties are winning is because the majority of Americans are allowing it. Our hope is to end this type of tyranny. We must stop pointing the finger at our government and take responsibility. We don’t have a Country if you interpret the Constitution to mean that we have to be accepting of every culture but our own. People who accept everyone else’s ideas are not open minded they are only closed minded fools who are told what to do. The time to act has passed. We cannot afford to keep waiting for someone else to do something about these small groups of people or the government. Remaining silent because you are still satisfied with your little niche is exactly what these invaders want. If this website causes Americans to wake up and encourages them to put their heads together and use each other’s unique ideas to solve problems within the realm of our founding documents, which guarantee individual liberty and self-government at the local level, our mission would be complete. The discussions should end with concrete ideas that have survived all attempts to be shown contradictive or inferior.

If we do this, it should become evident why certain ideas were incorporated into our Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, and Constitution and why those ideas are so essential. Returning America to our grandchildren by putting ourselves back in charge of our government and standing up for each other’s way of life as a collective ethnic group would be the ultimate satisfaction.​ The goal is to achieve the same intercultural communication that allowed our great grandfathers, who came from many different Countries, to establish thriving communities together.