Bring Back The American Philosophies of Freedom, Individualism, and Opportunity:

E. Pluribus Unum - Many Communities Governed by the People United as One

I have spent my time reading the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights. Other writers focus on the Constitution and what politicians are supposed to be doing, although all of our arguments come together at some point or another. I am more interested in the idea of America and I believe I understand the system that our founding fathers envisioned. When I read the documents I feel that their meaning is very clear and straightforward. The problem is that most Americans don’t even know what was written. So I focus on arguments that are logically the opposite of what was intended by the Bill of Rights. Throughout your reading, remember that the root philosophy is “free will”. 

Two types of arguments are being used to force ridiculous laws and changes into place. One: Opinions based on feelings. People are using logic that I could also use to support my opinion even though my opinion is the exact opposite of their opinion. And it all boils down to the fact that yes you are allowed to complain, but I’m also allowed not to care or be bothered by your complaints. Two: Using hypotheses as proof. It is the same as a scientist using his/her hypothesis as a gauge to test the hypothesis. Both arguments lead to contradiction. Either the desired outcome contradicts the entire logic used to make the changes or the logic used to make the changes will only be important for certain topics.

The second main idea is to understand that no law can be precisely written to address every single possible scenario that could happen in this world. We are all different people, with different bodies, in different environments, with different things happening to us. Shit happens, it’s called life. There are accidents in this world. You are merely a tyrant if you think that every time something happens blame must be assigned and punishment handed out by someone with your “moral superiority”. Unless you are sure without a shadow of a doubt that the purpose of the law is being violated, leave people alone. I aim to bring “Discretion” back to America because it is the only true way for the PEOPLE to govern THEMSELVES. One of the most important things to the success of America is the ease of people doing business with each other. Keeping transactions simple is crucial to being an American, and it starts in the Courthouse (or should I say: keeping things out of the Courthouse).