Bring Back The American Philosophies of Freedom, Individualism, and Opportunity:

E. Pluribus Unum - Many Communities Governed by the People United as One

The biggest problem we see in America is that people are scared to be who they want to be. People are so worried that what they say will be used to ruin their lives. It is interesting how people think that a man who gets into a fist fight over something is primitive and wrong. Yet, those same people are willing to sue a man over nothing which will essentially ruin the man’s entire livelihood. A black eye will heal over time and be a reminder of bad or good decisions. Taking a man’s livelihood will punish him forever and could create inhumane living conditions. So you tell me who is a better class of person, a man who fights for what he believes in or a man who tries to get someone else to ruin another man?

Social media and courts have helped certain ideas develop that just aren’t true. We see it in the NFL all the time, we all know that the second guy who punches always gets the flag from some official who doesn’t know the whole truth. People are confused about what is wrong and right because of the influence of unjust things that have been happening in America for some time now. When a person punches another person a wrong has been committed, yes. However, if the person who got hit punches back, that is called self-defense. We are entitled to defend ourselves according to the Bill of Rights, so no wrong has been committed. The only thing that is happening is that a wrong was stopped. Yet, the home of the brave are scared to defend their selves at times for fear of punishment from their own government. Here is an example to clarify what are two wrongs, person “A” punches person “B” for no reason so person “B” decides to go punch person “C” to make up for the wrong that was done. These are the crimes that our government should be worried about.

The second ill idea being promoted is that you can’t be who you want to be in public; unless it’s “politically correct”. The reason people are scared to have a conversation with anyone is because they are scared of having their lives ruined by some judge in a distant court. In America, problems were intended to be solved by the people. When you have a dispute with a neighbor the dispute should be solved by both parties involved. The people involved have a much better view of what really happened. A courtroom should only convict if it is certain without a shadow of doubt that one party’s rights were indeed violated. Now, in America, neighbors are even scared to say “hi” to each other for fear that some judge will come take all of their possessions.

Here is why the courts should have very little control over what has been said. The problem with most conversations in America is that neither people involved in the conversation truly understand the idea of the other person. People develop a web of beliefs throughout their life that they use to identify information coming in from outside sources. It can better be thought of as a system of categorizing information. So the majority of the time that people are talking they really aren’t accepting new ideas. They hear a few words or sentences that they use to categorize what is being said into an idea that already exists in their web of beliefs. Most of the time that people get mad about something that somebody said they are really getting mad about an idea that already existed in their head. Typically, they don’t even let the person finish the entire idea before they’ve already categorized what is being said and have infuriated their selves (jumping to conclusions). Conflicts of this nature have no place in a courtroom and at one time judges would have kicked these types of discussions out of the taxpayer’s time. The real problem is that people aren’t able to communicate very well with each other anymore. Now, add the fact that people are scared to even try and have a conversation with someone outside of their circle of friends. And the result is a government that can do whatever they want and a bunch of divided angry communities. 

When a person makes a statement it should only be judged for its meaning. And the majority of the time the meaning of any idea requires many statements. Not allowing people to say something because you don’t like the way it was said is not allowing them freedom of speech. You don’t like the statement because you don’t like the idea it’s putting in your head. The problem is that you are not giving the idea in the other person’s head a chance to develop. So no real conversation is taking place. You are trying to abridge ways of expressing ideas that will surely lead to the loss of certain ideas all together. If changing the way something was said results in the same meaning, then there should never be a need to change the way it was said when adults are speaking publicly. 

People have to be able to have discussions without fear of being attacked by our courts or social media. It has always been a conundrum that social media can spread lies about whoever they want and never be held accountable, but if citizens speak the truth publicly about something going through their mind, they can be sued and lose all of their possessions. And we must stop only pointing the finger at the government. Yes, the government and courts have created the idea that you can get away with suing someone because of how they’ve said something. But it doesn’t mean we the people have to act this way and promote it in our communities. I’m a firm believer that the people in a system are more important than the system itself. We the people have to start acting a certain way before we can force the government to act a certain way. And yes, we can force the government to let us govern ourselves.

Home of the brave