Bring Back The American Philosophies of Freedom, Individualism, and Opportunity:

E. Pluribus Unum - Many Communities Governed by the People United as One

Uncommon Sense:
A discussion about logical truths that were once common knowledge, constructed in America's founding documents by enlightened minds, that have become uncommon sense. 

Natural laws that dispute the "communism definition of fair", promote intercultural communication and debate, and lead to diverse groups working together towards community development.

Community Development:

Through Uncommon Observations the Media Doesn't Want You to See

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is opportunity in a fair game, not making everyone a winner

Locally and nationally Constitutional Sense is a vocal advocate for the American dream and building local communities. Community development to improve opportunities for the most unfortunate and to improve political awareness/unity locally.


  • When in Virginia, do as the Virginians...
  • ‚ÄčIf accepting you means I have to hide my beliefs and change my way of life, then the only crime is that you are not accepting me...
  • Communism: A doctrine based on the idea that property does not exist and all people should have the same things even though it must establish boundaries for a state that requires people to different amounts of work; no, it doesn't even look good on paper...
  • Open and Honest Discussions between all types of people who believe in the original philosophy of America
  • Discover the similarities between divided groups of Americans
  • Freedom to speak your mind without societal backlash
  • Become involved to protect your neighbor's way of life because its the right thing to do
  • Realization by the American people that the character of our grandparents made this a great nation; not any law, regulation, or government program
  • Understanding that what works for one group of people may not work for another group of people
  • The best way of life cannot be proven by science or skin color
  • Science is a religion that can be as easily corrupted
  • Free thought is necessary to judge any situation fairly 

In spreading facts that will unite communities at the local level. Improving community awareness of good politicians and good policies that benefit everyone is the key to different people living together peacefully.

The american dream:
  • Taking people to court because you are offended is a fancy way of assaulting them...
  • Just because you call the police first doesn't mean I am guilty..,.
  • Trying to change a community because you are offended is a disguised way of declaring war...



 Equal Treatment        = equality

Has created a blog to discuss current topics. The main idea is to show how the media and current ideas don't match our constitution or the American philosophy that has created the most opportunity for poor people in the history of mankind